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The Best Partner Dance Instruction in San Diego
1795 University Ave in Hillcrest
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The Best Partner Dance Instruction in San Diego

See why everyone loves Cori-ography!

I work with all sorts of people just like you! Check out what friends, neighbors, fathers, daughters, brides, grooms, couples, singles, and all ages and abilities want you to know about dancing and being a part of the Cori-ography studio family! Want to find out for yourself what everyone is talking about? Get started today for only $30!


My husband and I went to Cori to learn a dance for our wedding and it ended up being much more than that! Initially we had a Groupon and we were gonna go only a couple times, but we enjoyed so much of what the class brought out in us that we had to keep going! Learning dance with Cori helped both of us come out of our shells and bring out a confidence in us. Cori is patient, knowledgeable, and has a creative way of teaching dance moves to even those who have had zero exposure to dance. She also has a focus on partner connection and made us feel so comfortable every lesson. We both highly recommend taking classes with Cori, whether it’s for a wedding, just for fun, or social dancing. It’s great stress release too!

-Odelia M.


My wife and I absolutely loved our dance lessons with Cori-ography. My wife has done a lot of ballroom dancing before and I thought I had two left feet. Cori helped us learn a dance to dance at our wedding and introduced me to a fun way to connect with my wife. This whole process for us has been a lot of fun, I never would have done this if it wasn’t for my wife, but I am so happy that I did. We have a great time dancing together. Cori not only taught us the steps to complete a dance but she taught us how to connect on an intimate level through dancing together. The connection that Cori stresses in her dance lessons are unique and helped us create very personal experiences through dancing. She was always a joy to be around and lots of fun. We highly recommend her dance lessons to anyone in the San Diego area. We had a blast together with Cori-ography!  

-Gabe & Kristen A.

Working with Cori has been a blast! Taking dance lessons was definitely one of our favorite parts of the wedding planning process. It was a time for my fiance and I to do something physically active and mentally challenging, and it was very much due to Cori’s personality and teaching style.  I have a musical theatre background so learning choreography is something I am fairly used to. My fiance, however, not so much. Cori did amazing job to make us both feel super comfortable and confident learning the choreography. The dance itself was challenging for me without being too much for him to handle. We both so looked forward to going to dance lessons throughout the process and would absolutely recommend any couple to work with Cori. You will be hooked!

-Josalyn & Austin J.


I found Cori dancing at Queen Bee’s and I was blown away! She dances salsa the way I wish I could dance salsa.. so I went up to compliment her and she gave me her business card (good one btw).   I took a few lessons, and I am soooo much more comfortable even practicing salsa in public spaces. I really struggled with just getting out there, and she helped me get over my inability to follow a lead. If you’re looking to learn how to dance salsa, Cori is a fantastic teacher, and she always made room for me and my horribly busy schedule. She’s awesome, and I can’t wait to start taking lessons with her again!

-Karla B.


Cori is wonderful to work with and has been so accommodating to our busy schedules. We are definitely not natural dancers and she will get you feeling comfortable in no time. We are practicing our wedding first dance and we have noticed tremendous improvement in just the first few lessons. We have taken a few lessons previously and it just left me more unsure of myself. But Cori eases you into the basics and will not let you progress until the base is set. I think that’s what is missing in more lessons and we can definitely tell. I can’t wait to get on the dance floor at our wedding! Thank you, Cori!!

-Jamie & Chris S.



Cori is grand. My wife and I had a slightly crazy idea to learn a choreographed dance for our first dance at our wedding and happened upon Cori. As people who aren’t the most graceful of dancers, we knew we were signing ourselves up for something way outside our comfort zone. But Cori made the whole process much more real and even fun for us! It ended up being one of the best things we’ve ever done together. Everyone who came to our wedding was impressed by the dance we performed and we couldn’t have been happier with how it turned out.
Cori’s process is fun and not strict or intimidating at all. She crafts the lessons around whatever you are looking for, whether its technical or more feeling based or whatever. I doubt we would’ve been able to push through all the uncomfortable dance moments without her calm presence and for that we’re super grateful. We’ll always be able to look back now on our wedding dance and remember how surprised all our family/friends were at what we pulled off 🙂 – not to mention the videos!  We are now thinking of continuing our dance education with some more social dance styles that we can use in future wedding settings or just to have fun with ourselves.  Highly recommend her to anyone looking to make learning dance fun and enjoyable!

-Jonathan B.


Cori is wonderful! My fiancé have been taking lessons with her for a few months now and she is awesome. She makes the classes fun and entertaining, while also very productive. She has a great amount of insight for brides. If any other brides are like me and have nobodies what they are doing regarding the whole weddings thing Cori knows so much more than dance! Definitely will not be disappointed!

-Stephanie & Stephen A.


Cori is absolutely amazing! She really knows her stuff! My family and I took about 6 weeks worth of lessons and we all enjoyed it. Her style is very informal and easy to learn. Rather than feeling like a ballroom lesson, it felt like we were really dancing on the dance floor. Even though we come from a latin background, there were a lot of bad habits we had and Cori taught us some tips and tricks to enhance our dancing. She is fun to work with and now that Salsa can be checked off the list, I want to learn to dance Bachata better =) If I didn’t have two babies at home, I would definitely continue the lessons, but my family loved them so much they will continue taking lessons with her. They loved working with her.

-Christina G. & Fam


My fiance and I wanted to take a few dance lessons before our wedding just so that we could dance comfortably together. I found Cori through groupon and yelp and booked her for a couple of private classes. I had read reviews for a few other places that seemed to have great instructors, but also came with a hard sell for purchasing packages, so I was leery of that. Cori let us know after our first class that she would send us some information so that we could extend our lessons if needed, which was great as it was clear that we would really need more than two lessons to get anywhere. The pricing was super fair and she gave us lots of options for how to proceed. I appreciated not feeling forced into making a large purchase. Plus, after our first lesson I was confident that I wanted to continue our lessons with Cori for as long as we can! Even post wedding I hope that we can continue to make a hobby out of dancing and grow with Cori as our instructor. She makes us both feel super comfortable and always has a way to break things down so that it makes sense for each of us personally. I am not sure we would have progressed as well as we have in 3 weeks without her instant understanding of how and why we might be moving or reacting in certain ways. I highly recommend Cori and look forward to continuing with her. She is an excellent teacher.

-Janelle & Mike M.


My daughter and her husband took lessons from her for their first dance at their wedding. It was beautiful. So I thought I’d give it a try.Took two of her beginner classes. She is a great teacher. I learned a lot and had a great time!!!!! Definitely recommend her . Me and my husband will return for more classes.

-Laura D.



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