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The Best Partner Dance Instruction in San Diego
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More Time Together, More Fun, More Movement, More Romance- That's the Gift of Dance!

Hi! Welcome to the Cori-ography Holiday Shop!

There's nothing more perfect than the gift of dance and finding that perfect personalized gift is easy- simply fill out the form below and I'll be in touch shortly thereafter with some customized package recommendations that sound like they would be the best match for your loved one and what you'd like to accomplish on lessons. This way you know you're getting the perfect present.

From there you just select what you'd like and I'll mail you your customized and beautiful Gift Certificate to present her with!

You'll also have the option to book the first lesson and bring them out for a Special Date Night of Dancing prior to giving them their gift! I'll help you schedule that as well when you select the perfect gift package.

Don't forget that token options such as class cards and starter packages are available too if you're looking for a gift for that company party, family member or neighbor!

If you have any further questions, always feel free to get in touch!

Are you ready to give that special someone a gift they'll treasure forever? Here we go!



  • Name of person/people you're buying for and your relation to them.
  • Any details about this special someone on why this is the perfect gift for them or why you think they'll love dancing. (Ex- they've been asking you for years to dance; life has been hectic and you think they'd love the quality time together; they always hint at how much fun dancing would be; they love dance; they know how but you haven't learned; you're getting married and it would be a really awesome to start as a fun hobby to get to the first dance, etc)
  • Tell me if you yourself have any particular goal you'd love to accomplish with lessons for you and your loved one?
  • Select Yes if you'd like to also schedule a Special Date Night Intro Lesson or No if you'd just like the Gift Certificate for the lessons to present to her and you'll schedule afterwards.
  • Please select whether your preferred method of delivery is Mail or Pick Up.

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