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The Best Partner Dance Instruction in San Diego
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Ready to be a part of something fun?

Sample new styles in small semi-private, friendly settings with one-on-one attention! No more getting lost in the crowd at large group classes. Here at Cori-ography you build variety, practice your connection, get a workout, or just get out of the house with Baby...there's something for everyone!


About Semi-Private & Specialty Group Classes:

  • Classes stay small and no one gets lost in the shuffle! Partner dance classes are considered Semi-Private and are for 8-10 people so you still get some one-on-one attention.
  • Most classes are taught to the level of the students participating and so cover mostly beginner through intermediate levels.
  • Higher level classes or workshops will be noted in the descriptions.  If you are looking for a more advanced dance experience, please contact me for private instruction and partnering.
  • You do not need a partner to attend!
  • PRICING IS:  One-time Drop In classes= $15 pp/class OR Class Cards come in quantities of 4 and are $12 pp/class
  • Please note: Pricing for Semi-Privates & Specialty Classes will be going up in 2017 to a drop in rate of $20pp/class OR a higher discounted class card price of $15/pp/class as the classes become more Semi-Private Instructed for your benefit rather than a typical large Group Format!
  • Group classes included on private packages are valid for two people.  Class cards (non-package students) are per person.

Check out all the Class Descriptions, click to view the weekly and monthly class schedule, or Sign Up for Your Class!  It’s all just below!

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Semi-Private Classes:CoriDance_548

The Partner & Social Dance style classes are called Semi-Private instead of “group” class because space is limited to 8-10 people depending on the dance style.  I specifically work with people to ensure their connection and use of leading or following becomes much stronger and that’s such a unique and specific quality to each person.  While on private lessons we get to completely focus on crafting your skills and your dance to your needs, I like to be able to work one-on-one at least a little bit with each person in my “group classes”.  This way I can help fix issues and answer questions each of you might have and make sure you personally learn and grow during the class rather than feeling lost in the mix.  Semi-private classes allow you a cost effective way of still getting the benefits of my teaching style in a small, comfortable and friendly group learning environment!  See below to check out the classes!

The Latin Dance Sampler

The Latin Dance Sampler class is a great opportunity to experience an array of Latin Dances in a small semi-private setting.  These are dances that fall under the Latin Dance category in the ballroom world or dances that you would find in Latin Dance clubs and that fit an array of music.  Styling will cover a range of social and showy looks and is generally for beginner through intermediate abilities.    This class will cover Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha, Rumba, Bolero, Hustle, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Mambo, Merengue, and Samba.

The Ballroom Dance Sampler

The Ballroom Dance Sampler class lets students explore the world of American Smooth Ballroom Dance in a semi-private setting.  Smooth Dances are dances whose purpose is to move about the floor, rather than body movement which is the nature of Latin Dance.  Traveling dances offer their own special benefits and I highly recommend the well rounded dancer understand both Smooth and Latin.  The ballroom sampler class will also cover some basic social slow dances that can be found to frequently fit Top 40s.  Styling will cover a range of social and showy looks and is generally for beginner through intermediate abilities.    This class will cover Foxtrot, Waltz, Viennese Waltz, American Tango, and Slow Dance.


One of my specialties, Salsa is a highly popular dance that is wonderfully improvisational in nature and so really relies on understanding how to use your connection to follow and lead your partner.  It’s music and medium to fast tempos have inspired people to move the world over!  My time studying dance in Latin America and New York, made me fall in love with all Salsa has to offer people.  In these Salsa classes, I explore the world of Salsa with you- musicality, movement, styling, and frame.  These classes help beginner-intermediate dancers begin to understand how to dance with all the facets of Salsa and get comfortable enough to dance it socially.

Argentine Tango

I lived in Buenos Aires studying the Argentine Tango to write my senior thesis.  That being said, I love everything about this dance.  It’s such a special dance- a combination of both Smooth and Latin- that it deserves it’s own class.  Improvisational in nature, this class works to get students comfortable dancing and experiencing an Argentine Tango through lead and follow, exploration of open to full leaning frames, understanding of music and styling, and footwork.  This class is for anyone curious about this magical dance.  For beginners-intermediate.  I recommend taking an intro private to learn about the basics of partnering to help you with this class.

Specialty Classes:

“Specialty Classes” are still small, limited space group classes but they cater to specific groups or communities or contain special curriculum that does not just fall under a Partner or Social Dance style class!  There are classes for fitness, new parents with baby, lgbt community members, families, seniors, and those wanting to up their dance game beyond Social Dance and cover Choreography and Performance!


DanceFit is a full body WORK OUT.  This is not your mama’s Zumba class.  I’ve specially designed the class to be a combination of dance strength conditioning and the mental stimulation of musicality and timing.  We use floor and body weight exercises to focus on core, back, upper and lower body strength; flexibility and range of motion; balance; musicality and timing.  Using a variety of fun, engaging music that makes you want to dance, we complete exercises according to beats and phrases to help keep us mentally distracted from any kind of monotony of repetition, minimize boredom, engage focus and learn to feel the beat in our body.  This class is meant to balance the usual cardio aspects of dance and is meant for all levels as we will work to choose movements that best suit each person’s fitness and comfort level.  If you have any injuries, please be respectful of your body and do only the exercises you are able to complete without further injury.  This is a fun, welcoming, group work out environment.  Don’t be scared, we all need to get in better shape and kick our own butts sometimes!

Please bring a floor mat and water to this class.  You can be barefoot or in soft sole athletic trainers.

LGBT Community Class- Latin & Ballroom

As a member of the Hillcrest community, I am pleased to offer this class to my students who enjoy learning alongside their friends in the LGBT community.  We will rotate between styles from both Latin and Ballroom genres as are described in the Sampler classes.  As with my other classes, I cater to the level of student in the class so we usually work Beginner-Intermediate.  You can come with or without a partner.

Three’s Company- A class for new parents and baby in carrier!

I know so many new parents and hats off to all of you!  You’ve just accomplished the most amazing feat- you created life!  But sometimes that creation starts taking over your lives.  Enter- Three’s Company!

This class is specially designed for new parents and baby in the carrier!  I believe it is so important to maintain your relationship to each other as loving partners even as you develop your own special bonds to baby as parents!  For that reason, I’d like to introduce Three’s Company!  This class is a wonderful reason to come learn how to dance together while still engaging the newest member of your family!  We will learn fun partner dancing from slow dance to salsa to hustle while wearing baby and you can enjoy some quality time and get a work out!  Plus baby will love the energy of parents working together to create communication and movement.  Weekday afternoon classes welcome one parent with baby to enjoy some dance time in addition to couples with baby, and weekend and evening classes are best for partner time!

Please note, my studio is not kiddo-friendly for our younger family members who may be out of the carrier and crawling or toddling around.  Older children who do not require supervision are welcome to come hang on the couch if they don’t want to dance with the fam (…something about teenagers being too cool…)!

Senior Dance Class

Senior Dance Class is a wonderful activity for anyone who is enjoying their aging!  If you have any aches or pains or anything that might limit your movement, Senior Dance class covers tempos and styles that are kind to limitations but still present a work out for the body and mind!

Cori-ography Choreo Theme

NEXT CORI-OGRAPHY CHOREO:  TBA! (Sign up for the mailing list at the top to always hear about the next choreo theme!)

Ah yes.  Cori-ography Choreo…For the performer in all of us.  Sometimes we just want to be big and loud and showy and ridiculous and dancers!  Cori-ography Choreo Theme is an occasional class (maybe better to call it a treat) where we only work on choreography with performance concept in mind.  Learning choreography is one of the best mental exercises out there.  Becoming comfortable with muscle movement patterning also helps us understand our own body movement better and recognize other elements of movement and style in our social dancing.  Plus it’s just so much fun!

We may be doing various choreography to famous dance scenes from our favorite films, we may be jazz handing like Broadway stage stars, we may get down to some modern music with partner-hip hop fusion in mind.  It’s best if you feel slightly comfortable with learning movement and want to work on sharpening your patterning memorization, speed, style, delivery, and musicality.  And also you just want to dance your butt off.

You do not need to have a technical dance background and the class is specifically developed to be comfortable for a variety of backgrounds to have fun and feel comfortable.  The focus will be on learning with speed and movement rather than technical proficiency.

Family Dance Days

Join the Mailing List at the top of the page to always hear about these special occasion classes!  Once in a while, especially around the holidays, I host Family Dance Class where you can bring family members of every age to come learn how to dance all together!  It’s always a blast!  I am looking to host these classes with more frequency so please join the list to stay tuned to this unique opportunity!  Grandparents, Parents, Kids- it’s so much fun to bond over dance!



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