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The Best Partner Dance Instruction in San Diego
1795 University Ave in Hillcrest
Call or Text (858) 859-2674
Discover The Best Partner Dance Instruction in San Diego.

Whether at your Wedding or just enjoying a night out, you should feel Comfortable, Confident, and Connected the next time you step on the Dance Floor!

At Cori-ography, you learn to be a partner, and not just a dancer. It's this difference that will help you discover how dancing can be the most fun; the most romance; the most communication and connectivity you've ever had...And make you feel great in your boogie shoes. I work with you to create personalized lessons that fit your learning style and goals so you get the most out of your dancing! Let's find out what dancing will do for you!

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Welcome to Cori-ography!


Hi!  My name is Cori and I’m the owner of Cori-ography where people learn how to really use connection to dance a variety of partner and social dances like Salsa, Argentine Tango, Ballroom and Latin!  Through connection, they become not only better dancers, but the best partners!  Cori-ography is a boutique studio located on the border of Hillcrest and North Park in San Diego.  As a boutique studio, I make sure all of your lessons are personalized and that you always get quality one-on-one attention even in semi-private group classes so you don’t get lost in the crowd.  There’s so many awesome benefits to partner and social dance and with the Cori-ography difference, you’ll love finding out what dance will do for you!

There are lots of different reasons people want to learn to dance, and, no matter what yours is, I work with you in tailored lessons to achieve your goals and, above all, teach you to be comfortable, confident, natural-looking, and have fun in your dancing!


I have been teaching for nearly a decade and I help people just like you every day to bring the benefits of dance, sometimes surprisingly, into their lives!


 Here’s what makes learning at Cori-ography so special:

  • I’ve developed my teaching methods into an easy to learn and understand experience that IMMEDIATELY trains my clients how to connect to the person in front of them.  This is so crucial and so often overlooked.  Partner dancing is a conversation between two people- we have to speak the same language and pay attention to each other for the most successful communication!
  • I teach Ballroom and Latin Dance but beyond that, you learn Social Dance and Partner Dance.
  • You learn how to look appropriate and natural-looking to a variety of social dance occasions.
  • I’m more concerned about how you feel dancing– I want you to go out on the dance floor feeling comfortable, confident and capable…never awkward or out-of-place.
  • Your lessons are custom-made and designed just for you!  I work with you to identify your dance goals and analyze your learning style to help create the most custom tailored dance lesson each and every time.
  • My clients are: Any level.  Any dance.  Any age.  Partner or no partner.
  • Learning your wedding dance will end up being the most memorable and enjoyable part of the wedding planning!  Put the errands and the planning app down!


And here are a few reasons why you’ll love dancing:

  • Spend the most quality time you’ll have all week with your loved one
  • Connecting to your partner in dance means you HAVE to disconnect from your phone, your work and your day!  Connect to people and be present!
  • Improve your posture, strength, coordination, flexibility and balance.  Get back in touch with your body!
  • Get great exercise that challenges both the mind and body
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Become more comfortable with dancing at parties, events, and weddings
  • Build confidence
  • Bring more creativity, grace, romance, or fun into your life
  • Understand music better and learn about other cultures
  • Develop wonderful communication and social skills
  • Meet new people and enjoy going out dancing!
  • Move like you’ve always wanted to on the dance floor to any song
  • DON’T just do the high school sway at your wedding…#adulting


So whether you’re preparing for your first dance at your wedding, looking for a new hobby with your significant other, want a new exercise routine, or just want to be able to have the most fun on the dance floor, I look forward to getting you started on your dance journey!



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